Jun 27, 2018 · ToList (); foreach (var blob in blobs) {string bName = blob. Name; long bSize = blob. Properties. Length; string bModifiedOn = blob. Properties. LastModified. ToString ();} Also you can download a specific file by Name. // Download file by Name string fileName = "Your_file_name"; CloudBlockBlob blobFile = backupContainer. GetBlockBlobReference (fileName); blobFile.

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  • Jan 04, 2017 · Hi there, i'm trying to replace an existing sprite with images that don't have power-of-two sizes, so i built an extension that creates a "pot" canvas, adds the image to it and returns a blob url. Unfortunately blob urls doesn't seem to work with sprite_replace?! Second idea of mine was to use...

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    a programmer using MDB2 could easily make a textarea as an input to a blob field. but if he was unaware of the situation (and LOB handling is currently not very well documented), a visitor could input a URL and the application will fetch the URL instead of storing the literal URL itself. and the URL here could be something not normally ...

  • So you are making a GET call to your blob URL, with the Authorization header "Bearer <access_token>", and a header of x-ms-version = 2017-11-09 or newer. And this returns back the contents of the blob.

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    Nov 02, 2019 · BLOB Storage is very fast and allows access in very secure way, even being accessible through public URL, you need to have storage access key or SAS token to access it. You can integrate it with API of your application so when user needs access, application generating SAS token with required access level and redirects users there.

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    But in order to get the text out of a blob, you can try various EncodingUtil methods. ... // Option 2: use an example PDF document from a URL, // in this case: http ...

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    URL.createObjectURL()은 Blob 객체를 나타내는 URL를 포함한 다음과 같은 DOMString를 생성합니다.(blob:URL) 이 Blob URL은 생성된 window의 document에서만(브라우저) 유효합니다. 다른 window에서 재활용할 수 없으며, URL의 수명이 한정되어 있기 때문에 file:URL과 다르게 보안 ...